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グローバル・バイオテック産業 将来の見通し

Dr. Roger Wyse
Managing Director and General Partner, Burrill & Company
A member of Int’l Advisory Panel for Biotechnology for Malaysia’s Prime Minister

Dr. Mary Haak-Frendscho
President and CSO, Takeda San Francisco

Dr. Akiko Futamura
President and CEO, InifiteBio

Mr. Haru Morita
President and CEO, REGiMMUNE

登録およびネットワーキング: 5:30 ? 6:00 p.m.
イベント: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati (WSGR)
650 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304


10/24 11:00pm までに登録の方: $20
10/27 5:00pm までに登録の方:$35
服装: ビジネスカジュアル

料金:無料。10/26 5:00pm(日本時間 10/27 9:00am)までに登録してください。
ご登録いただいた方には、インターネット放送の詳細を 10/27にお送りいたします。


パネルディスカッションの冒頭でAkiko Futamura氏にグローバル化された今日の

Roger Wyse 氏 には、増加し続ける食糧とエネルギーに対する需要をバイオテクノロジーの
でしょうか。Dr. Wyse は顧問という立場で地方政府へのアドバイスを行い、幅広い

Dr. Mary Haak-Frendschoには、企業の観点から、世界的な経済危機を乗り越え将来的な
ついて話していただきます。R&D の展望を踏まえ、米国がバイオテック産業のR&D と

Haru Morita 氏にはその奥深い経験に基づき、産業が不況から回復する中でスタート

経済ソサイエティの2010年のテーマは「Catch the Next Wave ? New Opportunities for
苦境の時期は、ネットワークや助け合いが重要です。Next Waveの力を拡散するために、

Dr. Roger Wyse is a Managing Director and General Partner at Burrill
& Company, a leading Life Sciences company with $1 billion in venture
capital under management, with businesses in merchant banking, private
equity and media. Dr. Wyse joined Burrill in 1998 and has led the
development of Burrill & Company’s agriculture, nutraceuticals,
health & wellness, and industrial biotechnology related activities
in venture capital investing. In this endeavor he pioneered the
“Virtual Corporate Venture” model and has attracted over 40
corporate investors into the various Burrill funds.
Dr Wyse chairs or serves on the boards of 11 private companies.
He is Co-Chairman of the $150M Malaysian Life Capital Fund and is
a member of the International Advisory Panel for Biotechnology
(BioIAP) for the Prime Minister of Malaysia. He was founder and
Chairman of the Alliance for Animal Genome Research. He serves on
the Board of Industrial Section of BIO. Dr. Wyse is a sought after
speaker on biotechnology applications and policy in food,
agricultural and bio-clean-technology. He has over 30 years of
experience as an internationally recognized scientist and as a
Dean at two major research universities; Rutgers and the University
of Wisconsin-Madison. Immediately prior to joining Burrill & Company,
Dr. Wyse served for 5 years as Dean of the College of Agricultural
and Life Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. From 1986
? 1992, he served as Dean of Research at Rutgers University. In
research, Dr. Wyse earned international recognition for his basic
studies in plant biochemistry. He published over 150 scientific
papers. In recognition of his research accomplishments he received
the prestigious Arthur Flemming Award in 1982 as the Outstanding
Young Scientist in the US Federal Service. He was elected a Fellow
of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Crop
Science Society of America and The American Society of Agronomy. He
also served as a consultant to numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Dr. Mary Haak-Frendscho is President and Chief Scientific Officer of
Takeda San Francisco. She established Takeda's new center of
excellence for biologics, which also serves as the therapeutic
antibody (Ab) IND engine for Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Japan’s
largest biopharmaceutical and biotech company. Dr. Haak-Frendscho
leads the overall Ab target discovery, Ab drug discovery, and
preclinical development activities for oncology, inflammatory and
metabolic candidate medicines. In addition, she is responsible for
actively expanding Takeda's US science, business, and intellectual
property presence in the Biotech sector. Dr. Haak- Frendscho has
nearly 20 years of industry experience at companies including
Genentech, Abgenix and XOMA. She is an inventor on over 25 issued
and pending patents, authored about 70 scientific articles, and
has an adjunct appointment at the University of Wisconsin where
she obtained her PhD.

Dr. Akiko Futamura is President and CEO of InfiniteBio. Formerly,
she was Executive Vice President, Science and Technology/Business
Development at SC BioScience USA, a subsidiary of Sumitomo
Corporation, and Vice President, Science and Technology at Summit
Biotech, a venture capital arm of Sumitomo Corporation. She was
responsible for identifying key technologies, conducting due diligence
and was involved in business development at therapeutics and platform
(tool) companies. She played a key role in concluding a number of
important alliances and investments with companies such as Morphotek,
Cyntellect, QuantumDot Corporation, Xenogen, Panomics and Multispan.
At InfiniteBio, Dr. Futamura has assisted numerous Japanese companies
commercialize novel in vitro and in vivo technologies in the U.S.,
including PhoenixBio, SCIVAX Corporation, and ReproCELL. Dr. Futamura
received her BS in biotechnology from the University of Tokyo, and Ph.D.
in biochemistry from the University of Illinois. She is currently
serving as a visiting professor at Osaka University, Japan, and is
working to transfer novel technologies from Japan to the U.S. Dr.
Futamura is a co-founder of the Japanese Scientists Network in the U.S.

Mr. Haru Morita has served as President, CEO and Director of REGiMMUNE,
which is headquartered in Japan but has a US subsidiary in Mountain
View, California. Mr. Morita has been with REGiMMUNE since founding
it in 2006 and has raised over US$20 million two years ago. Prior to
REGiMMUNE, Mr. Morita served on the management teams of Y's Therapeutics,
Ltd. and Y's Therapeutics, Inc., most recently as Director of Business
Development with responsibility for corporate planning as well. Mr.
Morita's professional experience also includes management consulting
at Booz Allen and Hamilton (Tokyo office). In this capacity as consultant,
he helped clients to establish and implement strategy not only in
pharmaceutical business but also in other area such as chemical and
consumer products. Prior to that, Mr. Morita worked as a research
scientist in the medical research division of Kirin Brewery Co. Ltd
(lately it merged into Kyowa-Hakko-Kirin). At Kirin he was part of the
research and development team that was first to clone Megakaryocyte
Growth and Differentiation Factor (MDGF or Thrombopoietin). Mr. Morita
received both of his BS in Chemical Engineering and MS in Molecular and
Cellular Biology from the University of Tokyo.

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